APASEM Huayna Picchu



100% organic healthy ginger from the central jungle, sown in the months of August and September


The product is harvested from the month of May. Applying good agricultural practices.


Transportation of the product, complying with the rules of good agricultural practices, to maintain the quality of the product, until it arrives at the processing plant.

Post Harvest

Jengibre sano 100% orgánico de la selva central, sembrado en los meses de agosto y setiembre

1. Raw Material Washing

In this stage, the soil that is impregnated from the field with drinking water is removed, eliminating the bacteria present.

2. Chopped and Sorted

In this stage, the defects present in the washed raw material are removed, and exportable and non-exportable are classified according to their weight.

3. Drying and Healing

In this stage the water present on the surface of the product dries up and with it the healing of the cut.

4. Packed

The packaging process is carried out in the container as required by the client. It is verified that the product is without defects and is the export weight.

5. Quality Control of Finished Product

The quality control of the finished product reviews the physical and visual microbiological characteristics that guarantee that the food is healthy and innocuous in order to protect the consumer and comply with the customer’s technical specifications.

Finished Product Dispatch